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Since announced by Education Bureau on 25 February, Garden House Waldorf Pre-School and Kindergarten has continued to give support to our families, we will monitor the COVID-19 situation. Follow the guidelines from Education Bureau, we will keep you posted on the latest development.

Parental support will be provided by Garden House teachers, with daily rhythm schedule, weekly circle songs, baking activities, stories, crafts and painting activities up till 20 April. Should it be needed after that day, we will continue to provide parental support for all our families.

All Garden House events and extra-curricular activities that were scheduled for March and April are cancelled until resumption of classes.

Any visitors or children must fill in the survey form before they enter the school ground.

If your child or any family members has suspected or contacted the COVID-19, you must notify the school immediately so we can take necessary measure.

We continue to closely monitor this situation and will keep you updated.

To prevent the spread of influenza in schools, the Education Bureau (EDB) announced that all kindergartens, primary schools will start the Chinese New Year holidays from 9th February. School will resume as scheduled on Monday 26th February.

Parent & Child / Kinderling classes are not affected.

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Garden House was featured on Education post about importance of outdoor play and learning through exploring the environment and practical tasks.

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May Day Song 25-04-2013

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Date: 27 Jan 2013, Sunday

Online Version:

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Date: 25 February 2013, Monday

Sing Tao Smart Parents (Click on image to download PDF file)

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